Naidheachd - News(01) Mar 2014

Battle of Bannockburn - 700th Anniversary

The Sydney Society for Scottish History will be holding two events celebrating the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

The first of these will be held at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts in the Carmichael and Dowling rooms on Monday evening 23rd June. The speaker on this occasion will be our Guest from the University of Hobart, Professor Michael Bennet. See Details.

The second event will be a Bannockburn Dinner, complete with speaker and entertainment at the Masonic Centre's Ionic Room, 66 Goulburn st Sydney. This will be held on the actual anniversary of Bannockburn 24th June. See Details.

All proceeds from the above events will be presented to the Uni of Syd Chair of Celtic Studies and this along with any donations received will be presented on the evening of the celebratory dinner.

Bookings: The Secretary Sydney Society for Scottish History
PO Box 591
Round Corner 2158
or Email

Àrainneachd, Cànan Is Dualchas

Gheibhear an cois seo faidhle mu 'Àrainneachd, Cànan is Dualchas' a thèid air adhart a-rithist anns an Eilean Sgitheanach eadar 4 agus 15 Lùnastal 2014. Cuiribh seo air adhart do dhuine sam bith aig am biodh ùidh. Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh aig Bidh tagraidhean airson a bhith air a' chùrsa a' dùnadh 10 Cèitean.

The ten-day Gaelic environment course 'Àrainneachd, Cànan is Dualchas' (for fluent speakers of the language) was piloted successfully last year on the Isle of Skye. It will be running again this year on 4-15 August. Please pass this on to any Gaelic-speaking contacts who might be interested. More information is available at or download the brochure. Applications to enrol on the course close on 10 May.

New Gaelic Class

In our second attempt, a new class is starting in Penrith, running at 4pm on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month. Contact Rod McInnes on 0404822314 for details.

Save the date: Harp Concert

CGA is organising another Celtic harp concert, following on from Eilidh Munro's successful event earlier this year. We've locked in Sunday 27th July as the date, and details will follow.

Happy 100th Birthday Isabel Catriona Graham (9 May)

Naidheachd Mhor

Am bliadhna ruigidh an Gaidheil as aosda ann an Astrailia ceud bliadhna a dh'aois anns an naoidheamh latha dhen a' Cheitinn seo tighinn! Is ise Iseabail Caitriona Greumach Ban-sgitheanach a dh'fhuiricheas ann an Achadh a Roibhne le teaghlach mac a brathair faisg air An t-Ath Leathann, baile leis an aon ainm ris a' bhaile anns An t-Eilean Sgitheanach caite an d'thainig ise o tus o chionn moran bliadhnachan. Cumar tuislean mor air a son air an ath latha, di-Sathurna an deicheamh le a teaghlach an sin. Tha Iseabail na ban-teagaisg Ghaidhlig agus tha ise air fhoillseachadh torr de leabhrachan, teipichean is clar-daighinn air a' chuspair sin. Is ise an ughdar air Alais ann an Tior Na Miorbhealach air a sgriobhadh gu buileach anns a' Ghaidhlig. Guidheamaid Latha Breith Sona air Iseabail le moran bliadhnachan eile anns an t-am ri teachd agus nas motha foillsicheadhean 'sa Ghaidhlig air son fabhaltas an luchd Astrailianach.

Seonaidh MacFhraing
Ceathreamh dhen A' Ghearain Da Mhile is a Ceithir Deug

Great News

This year the oldest Gael in Australia will turn 100 years of age on 9th May. She is Isabel Catriona Graham, a Skyewoman who lives with her nephew in Lancefield near Broadford, a town with the same name as the town in the Isle of Skye where she came from many years ago. A big celebration will be held on the following day, Saturday 10th, with her family there. Isabel teaches Gaelic and she has published many books and audio tapes on that subject. She is the author of Alice in Wonderland written entirely in Gaelic. Happy Birthday to Isabel with many more years in the time to come and more publications in Gaelic for the benefit of the Australian people.

John Rankin
4th February 2014

Fundraising Appeal for a Teacher of Scottish Gaelic at Sydney University

Comunn Gàidhlig Astràilia is supporting the Celtic Studies Foundation in an attempt to raise enough money to fund a teacher of Scottish Gaelic at Sydney University on an ongoing basis.

Catriona Parsons' Workshops

Catriona Parsons is a distinguished lecturer in Scottish Gaelic from Canada. She generously put her time at the disposal of CGA during her week long visit to Australia en route to University of Otago, Dunedin. Read about her language and song workshops and watch the video. Photos from her workshop are on our Photo Gallery.